Why We Love Dame!

Why We Love Dame!

Founded by a sexologist from Columbia University and a mechanical engineer from MIT, Dame is a sexual wellness brand set on design-forward, community-based pleasure education. Their sex toys are made for both form and function: pretty and approachable, designed to work with your body, and with serious power.

"Maybe you've noticed it firsthand — or heard the reports — that women are not quite as satisfied with sexual activity as their male counterparts. Less pleasure, less arousal, fewer orgasms… that's no way to live. Dame is on a mission to end this disparity — a.k.a The Pleasure Gap — by shaping paths to shame-free sexual pleasure and wellbeing. Through the products we develop and engineer in-house, our work with Dame Labs, and the stories we tell, we’re creating a world where wellness is a pleasure."


Dame Labs

We are proud to announce Dame, a brand that focuses on promoting sexual health and making new sex toys that celebrate gender diversity. They are committed to empowering people of all age ranges, genders, ethnicities, and lifestyles to get more pleasure out of their toys. Dame develops adult toys that address the needs of as many humans as possible. Their collection features clitoral stimulators, vibrators, sex toy cleaners, sex furniture and much more!

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