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Dazzling Crystal - Transparent

Dazzling Crystal - Transparent

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Indulge in pure luxury and ultimate pleasure with the Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal, a high-quality glass dildo that will charm you and your hotspots with its design and remarkable features. With its two exciting surface textures, it is here to give you intense vaginal pleasure and hot G-spot stimulation – a beautiful gem that will leave you completely bedazzled!


 Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_SolidSoCiuzSW7XAnz Made of high quality solid borosilicate glass
 SAT_icons_main-feature_outlined_hot-cold_b The temperature resistant material is perfect for hot and cold temperature play
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_UnisexxWKNT7bdjokzT Unisex: device can be used by all genders


15-year guarantee Solid borosilicate glass
Enjoy hot and cold temperature play Enjoy vaginal, clitoral stimulation as well as full-body massages
Can be used both ways Sensual G-spot stimulation
Easy to clean


Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal 1: High-quality borosilicate glass dildo

Its design and material make this glass dildo not only a dazzling eye-catcher but also a very versatile love toy. Made of high-quality, solid borosilicate glass, the Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal 1 is shatterproof and gently glides over your body and into you. Do you prefer it hot or cold? With this Satisfyer glass dildo, you no longer have to choose! Put it in warm water before use for a pleasantly relaxing experience or in the fridge for a refreshing tingle on your skin. Every moment of this temperature play will be an exciting experience for your senses!

Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal 1: Double-sided glass dildo

On top of that, the Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal 1 has two sides made for seriously dazzling pleasure. The shaft stimulates you and your hotspots with a wide grooved structure on one side and an exciting nubby structure on the other. Whether you want to use it as a G-spot dildo or for sensual full-body massages – the Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal 1 always knows how to please you! And in addition, this glass dildo is hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the smooth material – a little water, mild soap and toy cleaner and this shiny gem is ready for the next magical use!

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