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Enhance the sensations of solo or partnered play for an exciting new addition to your exploration of pleasure with the new TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER. Specially designed with gyro-sensor-controlled-rotation coupled with the power of our TENGA Vacuum Controller, simultaneously enjoy powerful rolling stimulation, and strong, electronic suction! Functionality of the product is made easy with only four buttons; manual rolling mode button, auto rolling mode button, vacuum selector button, and the release button for removing the attached TENGA CUP. Cycle through the rolling mode and vacuum mode to find your favorites of the two modes for maximum pleasure! The Vacuum Gyro Roller can be used with our Original CUP Series however, for the best experience, couple the Vacuum Gyro Roller with the ROLLING TENGA Series. The series has three varieties; Original Gyro Roller CUP, Gentle Gyro Roller CUP, and Strong Gyro Roller CUP. The TENGA Gyro Vacuum Roller weighs around 1lb and lasts approximately 60 minutes with a charge time of around 150 minutes. Explore new sensations with just the right amount of adjustability for options that entice without overwhelming.

Simply attach the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER to a TENGA CUP and operate the two buttons to generate a powerful vacuum suction

Vacuum Selector Button: Hold button for two seconds to turn product on/off

Release Button: Holding down the button will release the vacuum and weaken the suction

Rolling Button: manual + auto mode button control the rolling functions

  • Unprecedented Pleasure: Our male pleasure device features a unique design with its ability to combine rotating plus air suction to provide exquiste pleasure never felt before
  • Rolling Function: The rolling button features 1 manual mode and 4 auto mode settings; the auto mode includes: Program 1, Program 2, Program 3, and Program 4
  • Vacuum Mode: The Vacuum settings features a high and low strength and 4 rhythmic patterns; Low Vacuum Strength, High Vacuum Strength, RV1, RV2, RV3, and RV4
  • Easy-To-Use Design: Our male pleasure device features 4 buttons to control the rotating and suction function; Vacuum Selector Button, Release Button, Manual Mode Button, and Auto Mode Button
  • Designed in Japan: Designed, engineered, and proudly created in Japan
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